Choosing the right Content Management System for your website

Today alot of websites are run using Content Management Systems (CMS). A content management System is a software system that provides website administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website contents with relative ease.

There are a range of different types of Content Management System that one can use to build a websites and the choice of which CMS to use comes down to a number of factors such as;

  1. The Costs Inolved. That is how much it shall cost to use the CMS to design, manage and maintain the users websites.
  2. Availabilty of Plugins and Module. Alot of CMS systems come with limited functions and if you want any extra functionality to your sysem you will need to install plugins and modules to add those specific functions you desire.
  3. The template designs available. Templates are basically the layout of the website that is how the website will look so some CMS systems have a limited number of template designs that one could use on their site.
  4. Does it have Blogging Capabiltites. Alot of users what to be able to run a blog on their websites now. So i would suggest choosing a CMS system that has blogging capabilities.
  5. Availablity of technical Support. Whenever a person starts using a CMS system there willl come a time when they need help to accomplish a given task but the problem is not all CMS have the ability to offer technical support so choose one that has this option.
  6. Is the CMS Open Source. Open source CMS systems give users with some programming knowledge the abiltiy to edit the code to their liking. So if you are a programmer i suggest using an Open Source CMS system

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