How to get a website developed by eBD.

Websites are becoming a necessity in Uganda today as people are starting to see the value of an online presence. Having a website makes it easy for potential clients to acquire information about ones business as well getting some services.

eBD offers quality website development and hosting services to enable companies and individuals acquire websites.

To get a website developed by eBD;

You must first request a quote that will be based on the information that you provide. eBD shall then send you an invoice with relevant details.

eBD develops websites at $100 which includes 100 email accounts,free hosting and maintenance of the website for a year as well as a free top level domain name (.com/.org/.net). But the price can increase depending on any additional requirements that are added.

A non refundable initial deposit of $50 is required to begin working on the websites.

You will then be required to provide all the information that you would like displayed on the website and pay the remaining balance within 14days.

Once that information has been received, it shall be placed on the websites for your inspection. Adjustments shall then be made to the website based on the feedback we receive after which the website will be officially launched.

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